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Capability Vouchers

If you have aspirations to grow your business you might also be eligible for an NZTE Capability Development Voucher, which is offered through the Regional Business Partners Network.

NZTE Capability Development Vouchers are available to businesses to use as partial payment towards the cost of capability development and training in the following areas: Business Planning, Business Systems, Business Sustainability, Capital Raising, Export, Finance, Governance, Lean Manufacturing / Business Operations, Managing Resources, and Marketing.

Capability Development Vouchers are used to co-fund up to 50% of capability development training up to a maximum of $5,000 per year per business. The business must pay at least half of the training costs.

If you are a business seeking advice and support review the eligibility criteria.

If you believe you meet the eligibility criteria please take the following steps

        1. Register your company profile on the website by clicking here. You will be sent an email to confirm your registration and your local Regional Business Partner will be in touch shortly to set up a meeting.

        2. At this point we recommend you read the Guide to the Regional Business Partner Website for Businesses to give you a good understanding of how everything works within the website and the programme.

        3. If you are eligible your Regional Business Partner at their discretion may issue you a Capability Voucher.  The voucher will be issued under your company profile. You will receive an email advising you of this.

        4. Make a booking by signing into your registered Company profile by clicking here. From your home page select Marketplace to find your potential Service Provider or an existing event.

        5. How to use your Voucher. If your Service Provider has provided an event reference, search the marketplace using the Event Reference search field. To learn more about how to make a booking please click here.

        6. Once you have assigned the voucher to an event, the Service Provider will be in contact with you. They will invoice you for your portion of the total cost of the training.  The remaining portion will be covered by the voucher and the Service Provider will directly invoice NZTE for this portion.

        7. PROVIDE FEEDBACK ON THE SERVICES YOU HAVE COMPLETED. You have the opportunity to rate the services you have used – an email inviting you to rate the service will be sent to the email address used to book the service. Your ratings will be visible in the Marketplace.

Some common questions and answers can be found by clicking here.