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Service Providers

NZTE is looking for service providers who can deliver quality training and coaching to businesses who have been provided with a voucher from their Regional Business Partner. Find out more about the Regional Business Partners network.

If you are a Service Provider seeking to help NZ businesses grow, please read the following information.

How does the programme work

A Regional Business Partner issues a virtual voucher to an eligible business against a specified service category. With a voucher, a business can receive a financial subsidy of up to 50 percent towards the cost of their training under a registered service. The maximum amount a business can receive in one year is $5,000 excluding GST.

Service provider eligibility is assessed prior to registration. The details can be found here.

A description of eligible services and qualifying service subjects can be found here

Professional Indemnity Insurance

It is a requirement that all applicants have $1million of Professional Indemnity Insurance in place and that this is renewed each year. There are NO exceptions to this requirement. 

If you believe you are eligible please take the following steps

        1. Learn a little about how the website works. Please read the Guide to the Regional Business Partner Website for Service Providers to give you a better understanding on how to use the website.

        2. Register, by creating your company profile and submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) and Services for review and registration.  You will receive an automated email, when you have completed this step. Start your registration process here.

        3. When your EOI and Services have been reviewed and if they have been registered by NZTE, the services you offer will appear on the Marketplace where a business can search for details of services available in their region. A business can also search for a specific Service Provider or service using keywords in the search fields.

        4. When a potential customer contacts you, agree the training that will be provided and then set up an event on the website. To find out how click here

        5. Immediately advise the customer of the Event Reference you assigned when creating your event so they can make a booking. Once the voucher has been booked to your event you will get confirmation by email. PLEASE CONFIRM THE BOOKING.

        6. We recommend you invoice the Customer prior to the event starting. Once the training has been completed you can invoice NZTE against the value of the voucher. To find out how click here.

Some common questions and answers can be found by clicking here.