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Helping SME businesses grow their capability

Are you in the business of providing management training to New Zealand's SME sector? You could be eligible to join the Regional Business Partner Network as one of our service providers.

As a service provider, you work directly with NZ business owners – providing them with targeted management training where they need it most.


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FAQs for unregistered service providers

FAQs for registered service providers

Interested in becoming a service provider?

  • How does it work?

    Our growth advisors work with business-owners to identify specific areas where they could upskill, or where they may need help from an expert. The growth advisor then makes a short-list of suitable matches among our service providers, which the business owner can choose from.

    Once you've registered with us, you'll become part of our pool of New Zealand service providers. You'll work with these business owners as part of your wider client base.

    The business owner may receive a subsidy from us, to help them access your services. The Management Capability Voucher Fund provides business owners with up to 50% of the cost of management capability training. The COVID-19 Business Advisory Fund allows business owners to access up to $5,000 for expert advice and support.

  • Who can become a service provider?

    We have a range of service providers located around New Zealand, from sole-trader specialists through to large advisory firms.

    All our service providers have an established track record of providing business training to SME-sized businesses. Some of them work in one or two specialised areas, while others have expertise across a wider base.

    To become a service provider, there are two criteria you must meet:

    • your business must be based in New Zealand
    • you must have current Professional Indemnity Insurance cover of $1 million or more.
  • What kind of expertise is needed?

    We're looking for providers who can provide expertise in the following key areas:

    • business planning
    • business systems
    • marketing strategy
    • finance
    • capital-raising
    • business sustainability
    • managing resources
    • governance
    • LEAN manufacturing/business operations export

    For a comprehensive list of topics, see our Service Eligibility Guidelines. [PDF, 160 KB]

  • What kind of commitment is required?

    When you become a service provider, we may be referring new clients to you from time to time.

    You'll work with each client to help address their identified need, usually for a limited period of time. For most of our service providers, RBP clients make up 10-20% of their client base. (And ideally no more than this).

  • Check your eligibility

    Before you apply, please check you meet all of the following criteria:

    • your business is based in New Zealand (i.e. physically located here)
    • you have Professional Indemnity Insurance cover of $1 million or more*
    • you can demonstrate a track record of delivering quality coaching and training.

    *This insurance must currently be in place and be renewed each year. There are no exceptions to this requirement.

  • Tips for completing your application

    Your application must provide a full and complete picture of your organisation – its track record, people, and credentials.

    Applications have been declined in cases where:

    • there's insufficient information provided about the credentials of the organisation
    • there's insufficient information regarding the qualification/experience of the people you plan to use to deliver the training
    • there's not enough evidence of the ability for the organisation to deliver training and coaching
    • the application has not been signed.

    Start your application(external link)

Ready to register?

  1. Getting started
    You'll need 15 minutes to register and add your first service
  2. Supply your details
    Have your NZBN and professional indemnity insurance details handy
  3. You're ready to go
    Complete the online application(external link)

Useful resources

Communication guidelines for services providers

Information on the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund and managing the expectations of customers.

Service Provider terms & conditions

Download the current terms and conditions for service providers registered for RBP funding schemes.

Management Capability Fund Information for Service Providers

Information for service providers on the Management Capability Fund available to support business owners to build their Management Capability.

Eligible service subjects

Information on the types of training services that are delivered to business owners and managers that will improve the management capability within the business

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