FAQS for Unregistered Service Providers

Below you’ll find answers to some of the questions we get asked most often about becoming a service provider for the RBP Network. If you have further questions, please get in touch.

  • How does the co-funding work?

    The Management Capability Voucher Fund is used to subsidise the cost of your services. The business owner is required to make a 50% co-payment towards your services (e.g. if their funding is for $1,000, they must also contribute $1,000).

    Businesses must have undergone a Discovery Session with a Growth Advisor.

  • Will the services I provide be assessed or monitored?

    There's no formal assessment process or KPIs you need to meet. Instead each client will provide informal feedback on how they're finding your services. Your client will be working with a growth advisor from the RBP Network, who will check in regularly to see how things are going.

  • Will you specify how we need to deliver the training?

    No, you'll be providing the types of services that you normally do. There's no prescribed format – the only aim is to meet the needs of the business owner and help them achieve results.

  • Will I always work with business-owners in my local region?

    Not necessarily. Sometimes, the business owner prefers to work with service providers located elsewhere. Or, we may need to match them with specialist providers who are located outside their region.

  • How will the network get to know me, and learn more about my business?

    Start by getting to know the people within your Regional Business Partner team. We're all about making connections. So feel free to have a coffee with your local growth advisors, or attend some local events.

  • Can I refer my existing clients to the RBP Network for assistance?

    If you feel your client would benefit from building capability in another area, you're welcome to refer them to the network. (For instance, you might provide them with business coaching – but they have a specific need in digital marketing).

    Our aim is always to provide support where the business will gain the most value; so that we're helping them to grow stronger, faster.

  • Can I continue working with my RBP clients after their funding has finished?

    Yes. You and the business-owner may choose to continue working together after the funding has finished. This would indicate the business sees ongoing value in your services, and it would be a good outcome for you both!

  • What if I get too busy to take on new RBP clients?

    We understand that your workload may change. Just let us know, and we'll work around those peaks and troughs.

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