FAQS for Registered Providers

General FAQs

  • How do customers receive funding?

    Once a customer meets with a growth advisor to determine needs and then decides on a provider, the customer will let the provider know. The provider will either set up an event for the service, if the service already exists. The growth advisor will then make the booking and include the subsidy amount the business is receiving.

  • What reporting can I see?

    There are no standard reports for service providers at this stage although the 'Claims' page contains useful information on the amount available to claim, submitted claims, and paid claims.

  • How do I set up other users for my company?

    This function is still to come so at this stage only one user can be assigned to a service provider, however you can share the user email and password with others that may need access.

Registering services

  • How do I know what fund to select?

    When you add a new service from the 'Services' page, you will be presented with the option to select the relevant fund for the service.

  • How do I know what categories to select?

    When you add a new service from the 'Services' page, you will be presented with the option to select the relevant categories. You can select one or more options. If you are unsure about what fund to select, please consult with a growth advisor.

  • Can I format the service description?

    Basic formatting (bold, italics, and lists) is available when editing the service description.

  • Why do I need to include an hourly rate?

    The hourly rate will give MBIE an indication of how much the event should cost, and what can be expected when a claim is made.

  • Our hourly rate varies how do we communicate this?

    Enter the average hourly rate and include the rate range and rational in the service description.

  • What is the RBP Policy on travel costs?

    Funding from RBP funding schemes can only be used by customers for service delivery and cannot be used to cover service providers travel, meal and accommodation costs.


  • What happens when a booking is made?

    Once the booking is made by a growth advisor, the customer will receive an email asking them to confirm the booking, customers have 2 weeks to confirm the booking via a link in the email. If a customer is booked on your event you will see this as a pending booking until they confirm it.

  • How do I view customers booked on services?

    Once logged into the RBP platform, you can select a service displayed on the landing page, then select an event in the 'Events' section at the bottom of the 'Service' page. This will take you to the 'View event' page where you will see customers and their booking status. If they have confirmed, you will see their correct name and email address populated.

  • How do I view customers still to confirm bookings?

    Follow the same process as above, but if the customer is yet to confirm, you will see 'Awaiting confirmation' against their name and email address.


  • How do I get paid?

    Once you have delivered the services to the customer you will be able to upload your invoice under the claims section of the RBP platform and then select the customers you are claiming funding for.

  • Can I still claim more than one booking on an invoice?

    No, you can only claim for a single booking per invoice.

  • Can I still claim for services as they are delivered i.e. make part claims?


  • What does "Return funds to RBP" mean?

    When you return funds to RBP, this indicates that you will not be making any more claims against the purchase order and closes the booking. Any funds not claimed will return to the growth advisors.

  • How long do I have to make a claim?

    You will have two months from the end date of the booked event.

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